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Snow puppy

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Meet my model, Jackie.

Dog in snow

My kids were promised a dog when we moved to Fairbanks. Here she is. We are in love with our Aussiedoodle girl. She is sweet, smart and the best companian we could wish for!

“Aussiedoodles are the best dogs.They are hypoallergenic, very smart, and non shedding bread, that can almost read your mind.”

Jackie was born on October 9 2019. We brought her home when she was 8 weeks old. She weighted 7 pounds. She was fully potty trained by 16 weeks of age. Now she is 7 months, 22 pounds and cute as can be! She can sit, lay down, wait, go to bed, jump over and under, and do many more tricks.

She got her first sommer hair cut the other day and even though we miss her wavy hair, we love how comfortable she is.

Dog in snow

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Jenny Rowley
Jenny Rowley
18 jun 2020

She is still adorable, just lighter now! I didn’t realize Jackie and Evelyn share birthdays! 😄

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