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Preserve your family memories

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

They say "Having a baby changes everything." and they weren't kidding :). Becoming a mom and dad has a huge impact on us. We suddenly feel like we want to soak in every moment with our child. I remember waking up 5 times a night to change my little girl's diaper and to feed her. I was exhausted, but her little bight eyes stared at me in the dark and she cooed and kicked her tiny legs and I realized I found my purpose on Earth. At that moment, at 2 am, I remember thinking, I never want to forget how she was looking at me and how this feels. I do remember it now but I'm sure I forgot a lot of little other things.

One other mom told me, she wishes to never miss anything and that she worries she will when she is at work. And I thought I should create something that will help us to remember!

So I decided to create a baby book just for you.

With Alaska in mind, I designed this printable book so you can document the big and the small memories of becoming a mom and dad and to record some fun stories.

Sign up by clicking on the picture below.

I hope you will enjoy this baby memory book!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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