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The Importance of Documenting the Arrival of Your Newborn Baby

Welcome to Fairbanks, Alaska! As a newborn photographer in the area, I understand how important it is to document the arrival of your precious newborn baby. Every moment of your baby's first days is precious and fleeting, and being able to capture those moments in photographs is a gift you can treasure for years to come. In this blog post, I'll be discussing the importance of documenting the arrival of your newborn baby with a professional newborn photographer.

What is a Newborn Session?

A Newborn Session is a type of photography session that typically takes place within the first few weeks of your baby’s life. It's an awesome experience and will capture precious memories of your newborn child. Newborn photographers are specially trained in newborn safety and posing, as well as understanding and creating the best lighting for these types of photos.

At a newborn session, photographers can capture a variety of images including maternity photos, individual shots of your little one, family shots with older kids, and even create prints or albums to remember this special time in your life. Years of experience photographing newborns allow Fairbanks Newborn Photographer Jana Butman Photography to create a relaxing and comfortable environment that both you and your child can enjoy. We understand how important these photos are and strive to give you a beautiful, timeless collection that captures your newborn’s first moments perfectly.

Why is it important to document the arrival of your newborn baby?

Having a professional newborn photography session is an amazing way to document and remember this special time in your life. A newborn session in a studio with a highly-rated photographer is the perfect way to capture these fleeting moments. With the help of a creative and flexible photographer, you can be sure that the environment will be safe and comfortable for your little one while they are being photographed. Professional newborn photos give you a chance to look back on your baby’s earliest days and cherish those memories for years to come. The transformation of your baby in their first year is unbelievable and having professional images to look back on helps you to remember every tiny detail. A newborn session with a professional photographer is an invaluable way to capture the precious moments of your baby’s arrival!

What to expect during a newborn session?

When you come to Jana Butman Photography for a newborn session, you can expect a highly rated experience that will last between 2 to 3 hours. Babies take a while to settle and need breaks to eat and be soothed. We provide snacks and water to keep both parents and baby comfortable throughout the session. Our studio is always warm and comfortable for your baby. We never rush through a session, as we know how important these memories are for the family.

How to prepare for a newborn session?

To ensure your newborn session is a success, there are a few steps you can take to ensure everything goes smoothly. Firstly, it's important to hire an experienced photographer for the job. This will ensure the photos turn out exactly how you want them to. Secondly, make sure you communicate with the photographer ahead of time so they can provide any necessary guidance and advice. Additionally, if you’re having trouble finding the right props or clothing for the shoot, many Fairbanks photographers offer collections of clothes, headbands, and hats for babies, as well as clothing for older kids and parents. You may also wish to consider hiring a makeup artist to give you that extra boost of confidence in front of the camera. Above all else, let us know how we can help to make the experience a memorable one!



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