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Top ten things you need for your newborn baby.

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Your baby is almost here and you may be asking yourself, "What do I really need for my little one?" Maybe you are about to have a baby shower and your friends and family are asking you to create a baby registry. These are the top ten things that you will need (according to The Health Foundations);

1. diapers

2. clothes

3. car seat

4. safe place for baby to sleep

5. breast pump

6. nursing pillow

7. bottles and formula

8. swaddle blankets

9. care supplies

10. soft baby carrier

All those things are important and the list could go on and on. This short stage of gentle cuddles, sweet coos, and dear smiles will pass so quickly. You want to preserve these precious moments and capture them. You should have a beautiful portrait of your baby that will help you announce his or her arrival and to remember when you became a parent or gained a new family member. Between the diapers and the lack of sleep that you will forget, you will only remember how precious your little one was.

Newborn photographs

I would love to help you create the portraits that you will cherish a lifetime.

My sets are simple so the main focus is on you and your baby. My approach is relaxed so you can enjoy the session. My style is authentic so you can feel those feelings long after the session. I open my home to you and welcome you in my home studio in Fairbanks, Alaska to give you the best newborn photography experience you can have.

You can read some of my past clients words right here.

Newborn photography testimonial

Photography is a beautiful art that keeps our most precious memories more alive.


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