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What to expect when booking a newborn session

Hi there! I wanted to revisit my blog and start posting regularly again. I would love to use this space to share some useful information that would cover what happens when you decide to be photographed by our studio.

Let's start with newborn photography session. Newborn photography is definitely my most favorite niche of photography. I have over ten years of experience working with babies that are just days old. My mission is to make your session relaxed, fun, and enjoyable. Your session is booked based on your due date. I make sure that I have enough openings around the date that your baby is supposed to come. If your baby is early or is taking her time, I still guarantee that your session will take place within the first two weeks after your baby arrives. I like to see you this early so your baby is still sleepy, flexible from the womb, and I can guarantee those sweet newborn poses.

We plan your session based on your color preferences. I cover anything from cream colors to darker earth tones. I do like to use lighter and softer colors for babies because I think it fits them the most but I'm always open to listen to your vision and expectations. After all, the photos will be yours and I want you to love them.

I plan to photographer your baby on a bean bag, in up to three props such as wooden box or baskets, and take those first family portraits. I also don't limit who you invite to your session and so grandmas and grandpas are welcome to join us! I like to switch everyone around and get a good variety of portraits.

My newborn sessions take about 3 hours in average. I like to take my time and don't rush anything. Babies like to wake up and eat. They like to be rocked. I have a few tricks up my sleeve and make the studio nice and warm (around 66 F). I have a white noise on that helps babies to stay asleep when I constantly move them for the best lighting and transitioning between poses. I provide everything for your baby from head bands, wraps, props, outfits, and hats. I also have dresses for moms and shirts or sweaters for dads so you can truly just show up. I know how tiring those first weeks could be and so I want to make sure that your session is a positive experience. I provide drinks and snacks during the session so no-one gets grumpy :).

If you are supplementing with formula or pump breast milk, I ask you to bring an extra bottle or two. I have a bottle warmer in the studio so if your baby gets extra hungry that day, we can make her comfortable. I also have a changing table, diapers, and wipes.

After the session is done I edit all the good images from your session and we schedule your viewing appointment. I will present you your gallery and we choose the best product that suites your family needs together. I have a good knowledge about printing and sizing. I know about different materials and can recommend the best options for wall art, albums, and folio boxes with matted prints. I love to help my clients to get the best quality products that will last them a lifetime.

I hope this will be helpful information and next time we can talk more about maternity portraits.

See you soon! :)


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