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Create A Mesmerizing Collage With Our Maternity Photoshoot!

Being a mother brings many new challenges and pleasures while handling a newborn. Capturing  your maternity photos in Fairbanks is a lifetime experience for many to caress and have compassion for their newborn. Further, it will make you recollect the old memories once you pass this beautiful phase. A great photo album must have hundreds of adorable photos of you and your baby because pictures are the easiest way to tell a thousand stories abstractly.


At Jana Butman Photography, you will get a careful selection of beautiful stories from newborns to the first walk of your child to make your album look astonishing. The maternity shoot in Fairbanks collection will be worth a million in terms of saving memories that count.

A Glance At The Maternity Photoshoot We Offer

Our photography services cover various types of photoshoots to collect the beautiful memories you make in your life. The quality of capturing the essence of your smile to great precision is our forte.


It is wise to say that a woman glows differently during pregnancy. Pregnancy is one of a woman's most exciting and fulfilling periods. Therefore, it is vital to have a maternity photoshoot in Fairbanks that professionally captures the photos of you and your family that displays the dazzling chemistry between the couple. It will make you remember the baby's kicks, headbutts, and every hiccup of the phase that brings nostalgia while watching the memory lane of your album.


Compelling Reasons To Select Our Maternity Photoshoot

A professional maternity photographer knows all depths of the industry. Our photographers add more value to that by providing quality that sets us apart from the other maternity photoshoot studio in Fairbanks. Have great memories with us that make a presence in your heart forever.

1. Capture Your Pregnancy journey

Pregnancy is a bittersweet moment for the mother. Therefore, to make this phase worthwhile, one must opt for maternity photos in Fairbanks. The photo shoot will become a moment of remembrance for a lifetime. The photo session makes you focus on the mother, that is taking pain, joy, and everything exciting to bring life into this world.

4. Catch Portrait That Are Worth Displaying

Having portraits of your child on the wall of your house brings a cheerful environment to your home. It will not only spruce up the beauty but also imparts a sense of belongingness within your family. Therefore, it is as important as your wedding day portrait to depict the various stages of your life on the walls of your home. You can sway guests and visitors with the beautiful maternity photos on the wall.

2. Photography Celebrates Your Family Growth

Life passes in a wink, and many of us don't get the time to celebrate the crucial moments in life. Having a maternity photoshoot will make us remember the family growth later in life. You and your child will cherish these photos.

5. A Better Excuse For You To Dress Up And Shift Your Mind

Pregnancy often comes with an unbearable amount of body pain and labor. To make this process more exciting and worthwhile, one must look for a maternity photoshoot in Fairbanks. It will give the mother ample opportunity to wear good clothes and have some beautiful photos that can shift the pain away. These photo sessions will get her in touch with the beauty routine she follows earlier.

3. Displays The Beautiful Bond Between The Couple

The most cherishing phase of pregnancy is the everlasting bond between the couples while welcoming a new life into the family. Your maternity photos in Fairbanks offer a chance to reflect on your life, relationships, and merriment in the journey. It is a wonderful opportunity to capture the couple's transition to parenthood. Therefore, maternity photoshoot displays a significant shift in your life.

Capture Your New Beginnings With Our Photography!

Some moments are worth watching and remembering for later in life. A pregnancy photo shoot is one such moment that allows you to capture the beautiful glow of a mother to cherish for a lifetime. Are you searching for a maternity photography  studio in Fairbanks for better portraits? You can reach out to Jana Butman Photography to capture beautiful bonds, cheerful smiles, and unmatchable ecstasy of your life at affordable prices. Get an estimate for exciting deals on an exclusive

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